The initiated organization of NAOMAD already have a number of sustainable projects and businesses ongoing that can be replicated in other Africa countries. These projects and businesses will create employment and raise 21st century African entrepreneurs for sustainable development of Africa as alternatives to irregular migration, human trafficking and protecting of vulnerable. Click to read more

Social Enterprise

Production of local organic and bio-degradable sanitary pads using banana/plantain fiber for rural school girls/women in impoverished communities in Africa. Women are empowered at every step in the process through job creation, leadership training, education and social entrepreneurship ( This project of RECFAM is ready to be replicated in other African countries and was SAG-SEED Award Winner 2017

Business Opportunities

  • NAOMAD has put in place business opportunities for everyone interested in building a business in his/her own home country from ground up. NAOMAD helps you create a business. NAOMAD believes in innovative ideas because money will always look for ideas, and we have entrepreneurs and business developers who are ready to give value for money.

Youth in Public Health (YPH)

  • NAOMAD has a system that creates employment and jobs for youth. A public health social enterprise with a global reach committed to bringing the best in modern health services and technology to communities around Africa in the service of providing quality, efficient, reliable, affordable and accessible primary healthcare to those who need it the most. This is an exciting employment opportunity for youth throughout Africa.


  • A sustainable established enterprise that use plastic waste to produce school benches, dining tables, couches, chairs, roofing coatings among others is partnering with customers and communities to give plastic waste value for money. The materials substitute wood as raw material in the production process, as the enterprise contributes to the mitigation of deforestation and environmental pollution. A ground-breaking enterprise ready for replication in other Africa countries.

This is creating jobs, entrepreneurs and employment for Africans and advancing Africa development for the benefit of all

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