The overall objective of the network is to collaborate and create coordination among various stakeholders, government and non-governmental organizations to give hope to African migrants and turn them into assets rather than liabilities for their local communities and countries in a transnational approach for accelerated socio-economic development of Africa.


  • To create multi-level involvement of various actors at national and transnational level to builds synergies between the network and participating countries for sustainable solutions on irregular (illegal) migration/human trafficking without prejudice towards development.
  • Establish national and transnational coordination between governments, CSOs and other key stakeholders to address irregular migration issues and assist migrants in needs
  • Identify innovative sustainable development projects/ideas for replication in other migrants’ communities within African countries as alternatives to irregular migration, human trafficking and protection of kinds of vulnerability of children.
  • Raise awareness on the dangers of illegal migration and counselling potential and transit migrants to make informed and rationale migration decisions through sustainable development programs, entrepreneurship, skill acquisition and jobs matching scheme.
  • Rescue, protect and reintegrate stranded African migrants, human trafficking/smuggling victims and vulnerable children on the move in their communities through educational, entrepreneurial, labour/skills transfer, vocational and/or professional training.
  • To build the capacity of stakeholders to identify viable employment and self-employment schemes in migrants’ countries of origin in order to inform the community members and potential migrants on the available options in their country
  • To establish data on national and transnational migration and form safe migration clubs in communities to help manage migration towards development.
  • Advocate and enhance collaboration between multi-stakeholders, CSOs and law enforcement officials in the provision of assistance and protection to victims by drawing up a plan for the creation of a viable and sustainable protection mechanism among such authorities.
  • To brings together ministers and national directors of all focal ministries, technical partners of NAOMAD, African Union representatives, ECOWAS, national coordination NGO’s and partners to network transnationally for a common implementation of the thematic areas of the network once every year.